Economic Regeneration Company

Wed 14th Mar 2018

Ashmore Consulting was engaged to deliver the transformation of an organisation from public to private sector.  The objectives were to:

- Create an organisational design, fit for purpose for the delivery of a diverse and challenging business plan

- Future proof the design of the organisation to accommodate acquisition and change

- Design and implement a performance management framework and system to inspire team and individual contribution

- Design and implement a Leadership Development programme across the organisation at all levels for those with people responsibilities

- Engage with staff to establish enduring and credible Mission, Vision and Values

- Establish an internal communications process to sustain channels of engagement across all parts of the business 

Using our unique access to a broad range of  highly experienced associates, a current state assessment was undertaken, benchmarked with the expectations of the Senior Leadership Team and aligned to known business plan objectives.  This created the basis of the strategic approach to develop the transformation delivery plan.
Initially involving 28 staff, the company now employs over 60 people, and has diversified its activities in four distinct areas of economic activity, delivering services to its business community, the public and inward investors.
The transformation plan was developed, agreed and delivered over a period of eight months, with return on investment estimated to reach payback and profit within 12 months.
The performance management framework is fully operational, engaging all members of staff from MD to the newest recruit at entry level, and clearly aligned to the Mission, Vision and Values. 
We are now providing strategic support to the newly appointed Board on business development and HR strategy.

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