Employee engagement: a help or a hinderance

Fri 23rd Mar 2018

Over the last decade employee engagement has become one of key priorities for organisations and HR professionals. However, HR Review argues that it is a mistake to prioritise this above other business goals.

There are benefits of having good employee engagement, with studies suggesting that companies which focus on this are more likely to beat their competition in attracting talent and that engaged employees are more productive.

However, Colin Price, Chairman at Co Company and featured in HR business review, argues that too much focus on this area can be distracting and have a critical impact on business performance.

And while it is important that employees enjoy working for their organisation, this should not be prioritised above other business goals.

Companies should, therefore, be aiming for long term organisational health and have faith that focussing on this will bring long-term benefits.

Colin suggests a three point plan to help companies support and maintain this mindset:

1. Measure the state of the company's health and set clear, precise aspirational targets to where the company should be over a period of time.
  • 2. Identify the company's capabilities needed to achieve those aspirations.
  • 3. Work out what the company needs to do to achieve the desired goals.

Leaders that look after the health of the organisation can be assured that performance and engagement will soon follow.

You can read the article in more depth here.


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