Make a Tough Decision Easier to Accept

Thu 26th Jul 2018

Every leader has to make hard decisions that have consequences for their organization, their reputation, and their career.

When you’re faced with a tough call, consider two things that make these decisions so difficult: uncertainty about the outcome and value complexity, the notion that any choice you make will negatively affect someone.

To reduce the uncertainty in a decision, first consider the costs of not acting, and then think carefully about your options.

Have you made any assumptions that are holding you back? Are there low-risk, small-scale ways to test your options?

To handle value complexity, consider how you can help people understand your decision once you make it especially when the decision involves trade-offs that will affect others, you’ll want to be as clear as possible about your intentions.
Adapted from “How to Get People to Accept a Tough Decision,” by David Maxfield

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