Tips for Working from Home

Fri 19th Mar 2021

Create a routine to keep your mind and body productive
When you’re at home, it’s easy to lose track of what a normal workday is. This can lead to  putting way too much, or way too little, time into what you need to do. Setting a regular daily schedule will help you switch your mind into work mode when it’s time to work, and back into play time when it’s time to be done.
Don’t work in your pyjamas
I know, I know, I can hear the collective groans. Isn’t wearing comfy clothes one of the main perks of working at home? Yes, it is! Luckily, just because you’re not working in your pyjamas doesn’t mean you can’t be comfy.
The psychological effects of getting ready for the day and changing into a “work uniform” shouldn’t be underestimated. In fact, psychologists even have a term for it: “enclothed cognition”. Perhaps that explains why this tip is, again, one of the most common tips from experienced remote workers, with some going as far as swearing that wearing shoes is their secret to remaining productive all day.
Set up your work space
Another widely-held top tip is to define your workspace. Sorry, this means no working from under your covers, tucked into bed all day.
Especially while in self-isolation, a big part of maintaining sanity is being able to separate your work time from your personal time. This is much easier to do when you have an area for working that you can go to when your work hours begin and leave when they’re over.
Keep communication lines open
At work, make full use of your communication platform. Overcommunicate. Make room and space for both professional communication, and fun, team-building communication.
Share playlists, daily routines, and work-from-home tips. What did you have for lunch? What funny thing did your kid do today? What’s something you’re most looking forward to when this has all settled down? Try having a question of the day if you don’t have one already and be sure to keep in touch in a fun way, along with the more professional communications.
Take a break
Taking breaks is a vital part of optimizing your productivity.
When you’re taking a break, make sure you really switch things up. Get up and move around. Maybe do a mini-workout video. Talk to whoever’s around, or even give someone a phone call. Open a window and get some fresh air, or go for a walk if you’re able to.
Really remove yourself from your work, your work space, and change your physical position, and you’ll find you’re much better and more alive with your work when you settle back into it again.

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